Everyone deserves the comfort, dignity, and security of a home.

West Hartford Fellowship Housing (WHFH) was founded on this universal principle in 1970, when community members came together from all walks of life to offer a safe haven right in the heart of Bishop’s Corner for those who need it the most.

While our residents, staff, board members, and supporters all have incredibly unique stories and lives – there are so many common, fundamental human needs that people share as we grow older. Staying connected to the community. Continuing to learn and grow. Enjoying life and feeling safe, secure, and content. That sameness – and the shared focus of our mission – connects us all.

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WHFH provides affordable studio and one-bedroom apartments designated for seniors and physically disabled individuals. We offer a range of services, such as life and health care referrals, that enable our residents to remain independent if possible. Our team is continually growing our services to provide a higher level of care, support, and connection to the community – so that our residents can live their best lives, while staying in a place that is familiar, comfortable, and safe.

As we embark on an inspiring renovation of our community, we will be enlisting the support of the West Hartford community and our passionate team and board members. Together, we will raise the bar in delivering a comfortable place to call home, enjoyable amenities that bring people together, innovative support services, and ever-improving quality standards.

While our journey ahead will allow us to do even more for the lives we touch – our primary aim will always remain the same:

to support and grow a community that our residents, quite simply, are proud to call home.